028: An Abortion Suvivor’s Story with Dona Marie Mendoza

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Dona Maria Mendoza is a Registered Nurse and License Teacher, but most importantly, she is a faithful Catholic and abortion survivor.

In this episode, Dona Marie shares intimate details about her life after learning she was adopted having survived an abortion by her birth mother.  

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Read her full abortion survivor story here:

2 thoughts on “028: An Abortion Suvivor’s Story with Dona Marie Mendoza

  1. God bless you Dona Maria Victoria! You are special. God wanted you to live! And your name that your father gave you suits you because you are victorious as you survived! 🙏🏼❤️

  2. Fiona Carmody

    Amazing testimony Dona. I’m in awe of your courage, intelligence, strength and pure heart. You’re a survivor fulfilling such an important mission. May God bless you Dona and protect you always.

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