081: The Catholic View on the Importance of FAMILY with Adamo Manfra

In this fascinating episode, Adamo Manfra passionately speaks about the Catholic view on the importance of FAMILY. Adamo Manfra is the Director of Stewardship and Engagement at Catholic Leadership Institute. He is responsible for supporting their various leadership and advisory boards and volunteer leadership as well as thanking and stewarding their generous community of supporters.  […]

080: Creative Ways to Bring Catholicism to Life When Teaching Religion at Home or School with Greg Aitchison

In this beautiful episode, Greg Aitchison shares his amazing conversion story plus how the Holy Spirit has driven him to help Catholic religion teachers through CatholicReligionTeacher.com with original and engaging resources.  Greg is a husband, father, and teacher of the Catholic faith. After experiencing a strong reversion to Catholicism and spending time discerning the priesthood, […]