032: When The Wolves Came – The Life & Legacy of Father Ted Pfeifer with Judith Pfeifer

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Judith Pfeifer is a single person dedicated to serving the Catholic Church by responding to her call as a Lay Missionary of Charity, founded by Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Judith was born and raised in a devout Catholic Family. She is the youngest of 11 children in her family.  She has two brothers that are Oblate Missionaries : one is a Catholic Bishop (Most Rev. Michael D. Pfeifer from the Diocese of San Angelo , Texas) and one deceased  brother, Father Ted Pfeifer who served the indigenous people of Quiechapa, Oaxaca for over forty years.

Judith is promoting her brother’s story of his missionary  work with the poorest of the poor. Father Ted Pfeifer was considered a “living martyr” for the strong efforts he made to protect the poor from the vicious attacks of the drug cartel. In his efforts to protect these vulnerable people, he was targeted for assassination at least three times. His memoir, ”When the Wolves Came“ is a lived experience of the injustices done to these people.

This book can be purchased through Judith and requested through email at: jkpfeifer@gmail.com.  Kindle version of the book is also available through Amazon.  There is also a film documentary on the life of Fr. Ted Pfeifer, “When the Wolves Came“ in DVD format and can also be purchased at the same email address.  The book and DVD are in both Spanish and English.

Visit WhenTheWolvesCame.com at the link below to watch video footage of Father Ted Pfeifer and learn more about his story.


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