036: Veiled in Christ’s Love with Mandi-Bre Watson

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Mandi-bre Watson is a devoted wife, mom of 4 amazing children and a small business owner of Veiled in Love, where she creates handmade veils, signs and inspirational gifts.

Mandi-bre is very active in her parish at St. Francis of Assisi and the ACTS community, where she serves as a spiritual companion. She is also a public speaker, and part of the Pilgrim Center of Hope’s speaker team where she shares the mission and inspiration of Pilgrim Center of Hope’s evangelization apostolate.

Her passions include sharing the love of Jesus Christ, as well as sewing, writing, reading and spending precious time with family and friends. She and her husband Seth are currently writing a series of children’s books.

In this episode, the lovely Mandi-Bre shares the inspiring story of how and why she started veiling for the Lord, why she named her business Veiled in Love, obstacles she’s faced running a business, and her loving words to those considering wearing a veil for the first time.

How to Reach Mandi-Bre:

Website: http://veiledinlove.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veiledinlove/


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