026: How The Pilgrim Center of Hope was Founded Through Docility & Obedience to the Holy Spirit with Mary Jane Fox

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Mary Jane Fox and her husband had a re-awakening of their Catholic faith in the 1980’s. While on a trip through the Holy Land, they were directed by a local priest to take a silent walk along the Sea of Galilee. There, Jesus unmistakably spoke to them each.

In September 1986, Tom and Mary Jane Fox left their respective careers in hotel management and the travel industry to work full-time for St. Matthew Catholic Church. For the first seven years, their main ministry was door-to-door home visitation; in the first few years, they visited over 10,000 families. They also helped establish other outreach ministries at St. Matthew.

In 1993, they founded an Apostolate called the Pilgrim Center of Hope – dedicated to the New Evangelization with a mission of guiding people to encounter Christ through Conferences, social media, radio program, parish programs and pilgrimages. 

Their ministry of pilgrimages has led them to Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey. Their specialty (and dearest to their hearts) is the Holy Land, having traveled there more than 56 times since 1986.

Mary Jane is also the founder of the Catholic Women’s Conference (CWC), an annual event for women founded in 2001.  It is the longest running Catholic Women’s Conference in the Nation with a mission to foster an appreciation for the personal dignity of women, to encourage women to know and love God, and to inspire them to use their feminine gifts for the transformation of family and society.  The CWC is an event for healing, for spiritual direction, for receiving tools for everyday living and resources for education. One of Mary Jane’s mottos:  All women are welcome. You don’t have to be perfect to begin anew in Christ!

In this episode, Mary Jane reveals the amazing story of how she and her husband, Deacon Tom, began their work in ministry which ultimately lead them to founding The Pilgrim Center of Hope.  After hearing a special calling to reach women from all walks of life, Mary Jane founded the Catholic Women’s Conference.  This special event offers a place for healing and commiserating with other women on the pilgrim path to greater union with God.

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