011: How to Save Souls with a Peaceful, Prayerful Presence with Amy Voorhees

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Amy Voorhees is wife to husband, George, of almost 20 years.  Together they have 7 children on this earth, and 4 children awaiting them in Heaven.  Their oldest 6 children are all boys ranging in ages from 19 to 4, while the princess of the house is their youngest daughter who’s 19 months old. In 2007 Amy founded the San Antonio Coalition for Life after the first successful National 40 Days for Life Campaign. Today, she still stays active in the SACFL and also works as the Director of Music for St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fredericksburg Texas.

In this touching episode, Amy reveals how she and her family found consolation within the beauty of our Catholic faith after a family tragedy.  She is also an avid pro-life advocate with a great insight on how having a peaceful, prayerful presence on the sidewalk has helped save souls.  Amy also gave us a special treat by singing her lovely rendition of the Guardian Angel prayer called, “The Guardian Angel Song” that she wrote herself.

How to reach Amy:

The San Antonio Coalition for Life website


The San Antonio Coalition for Life on Facebook


Email:  info@sacfl.org

Phone:  210-737-2235


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