012: Strengthening Catholic Marriages Through Candid Evangelization with Martin and Theresa Owen

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Martin and Theresa Owen were married in the Catholic Church in 2005. They are proud parents of 7 children. Martin Owen is a family doctor with an focus in fertility, chronic pain and surgical assist. Theresa is an aspiring writer and speaker with a passion in Theology of the Body. As both of them feel a call to Evangelization, they started a Facebook Page called At Home with The Doctor.
In this special episode, Martin and Theresa courageously share some of the most difficult  challenges that almost separated them, how they learned to transform their marriage, and why the Holy Spirit has called them to their unique apostolate.  Their genuine and straightforward approach to reaching married Catholics within the “craziness” of life has touched the hearts of many and drawn numerous viewers to their Facebook Live videos.
How to reach Martin and Theresa:
Email: athomewiththedoctor@gmail.com

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