046: How to Become Leaders of the Highest Caliber Through Christ with Fr. Nathan Cromly

Father Nathan Cromly is a soul on fire to help raise up Christians to lead their families, their Church, and their world and, as he said in this episode, “fight the good fight, to sharpen their swords and swing them because at this moment in time, souls are going to their peril because there is a lack of leaders willing to fight for them.”

Father Nathan is an informative and engaging speaker, writer, retreat leader, explorer, innovator, educator, and fire-starter for the Lord. He’s appeared multiple times on Catholic Radio and EWTN’s Life on the Rock, Father Mitch Live, and Women of Grace, and co-produced documentaries. 

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, he has joyfully served as a Catholic priest of the Brothers of Saint John for 12 years, and currently ministers in Denver, Colorado. Father Nathan’s spiritual direction, teaching, and dynamic witness has touched the lives of tens of thousands of children, teenagers, married couples, business professionals, and families.

Father Nathan’s ministry has flourished by God’s grace. He began Eagle Eye Ministries in 2003; it is now home to six forms of outreach to teens and young adults. In 2015, he opened the Saint John Institute (SJI) —a unique program in which young adults earn an accredited Masters degree while receiving spiritual formation from the Brothers of Saint John.  In the Spring of 2018, SJI celebrated its first graduating class, sending its graduates to work for the Lord in the for-profit world.  Inspiring and equipping great talent for the Lord’s harvest, Eagle Eye Ministries and the Saint John Institute serve to raise up the spirit of the new evangelization in young people and send missionary entrepreneurs into the Church.

This ministry, carried by his passionate concern for forming and sending prayerful Catholic leaders into the world, has blossomed into the Faith and Leadership Consortium.  Through formation and fellowship and prayer, leaders in business and in culture can find the help they need to dare great things for Christ.  Above all else, Father Nathan is a Catholic priest. He has dedicated his priesthood to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and is humbled to serve Christ’s people so long as God gives him the opportunity. 

How to reach Father Nathan:

Website:  Eagle Eye Ministries  https://www.eagleeyeministries.org

Website:  Saint John Institute  https://www.saintjohninstitute.org/

Email:  info@eagleeyeministries.org

Phone:  (303) 876-7695 ext. 1

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