020: How to Answer God’s Call – A Catholic Author’s Journey with Kimberly Fries

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Kimberly Fries is a homeschooling mom and author. She lives in South Dakota with her husband and three children. Creating Catholic books to help children develop a personal relationship with God, Mary, and the saints has been such a joy for her. She hopes that her books greatly blesses families and assist them in their journey to become saints!   

In this episode, Kimberly shares the journey that led her to author some of the most beautiful Catholic children’s books on the market today.  She also shares some of the most difficult hardships that almost prevented her from fulfilling the mission God had placed in heart.  Her perseverance is an inspiration to me and countless others.

How to reach Kimberly:

Kimberly’s Website


My Little Nazareth on Facebook


My Little Nazareth on Instagram


Kimberly’s Books on Amazon


Email:  mylittlenazareth@gmail.com

My Little Nazareth Books for children ages 4-12:

  • Girl Saints for Little Ones
  • Boy Saints for Little Ones
  • Consecration to Mary for Little Ones
  • Divine Mercy for Little Ones
  • Guided Prayer for Little Ones
  • Lectio Divina for Little Ones
  • Examination of Conscience for Little Ones
  • Receiving Jesus for Little Ones
  • Girl Saints for Little Ones, Volume II will be out at the end of the month

Kimberly’s Women’s Prayer Book:

  • In Her Heart: A Catholic Prayer Book for Women

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