015: Open Letter to the Catholic Working Mama

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Here’s a short open letter I wrote to the Catholic Working Mama.  Just a little encouragement for the rough days and to let you know you are loved. 

Hey Working Mama!

It’s me Alex, your sister-in-Christ. I know your feet are hurting, your back is aching and you’re beyond sleepy, but listen up for a sec.  You’re home now and the kids are all over you but you’re too drained to look into their little eyes because you know they’re dying for you to play with them.  But please Mama, maybe you don’t have the energy to play but know that sitting with them on the couch watching a show together and feeling your hands on their little faces is sometimes all they need.  Sometimes it’s all YOU need.  Like sitting in Adoration in the presence of our Lord, your being present with the kids in those simple little moments is enough….because YOU are enough.  Your simple loving gaze and thoughtful attentiveness is better than a full -busy day at a theme park.  You don’t have to be a superwoman for your children to love you…you just have to BE in the moment.  So you’re tired, don’t worry… rest on the couch and close your eyes, take in the sounds of the kids’ busy chatter and the smell of the baby in your arms.  Fold the clothes tomorrow and go to bed early with the kids or spend a few minutes with a glass of wine with your husband.  I know sometimes it feels unnatural to leave the kids at daycare or a nanny and you say to yourself… “I should be home…I’m failing as a mother” but remember, you’ve made a decision based on your current circumstances and it’s the responsible thing to do…things could change in an instant.  Remember, you are not alone, you are loved beyond measure, and there are women across time and distance who understand the same struggle.  I am one of those women and I am with you and praying for you.  Sending love, hugs, and prayers. 

Let us pray…

Heavenly Father,

You know the exhaustion of my body and the pain in my heart.  Lord, you know many times I fail and feel overwhelmed with juggling work and raising children.  Help me to find rest in you and to renew my heart with deeper compassion, love, and patience for my children and husband.  Send me the grace to find peace in the calling you have for me to work at this time.  Please help me to see that I am enough for my children.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Saint Gianna Berreta Molla… Pray for us.

Saint Zelie Martin… Pray for us.

Our Lady of Sorrows… Pray for us.

Our guardian angels… Watch over us

In the name of the Father…


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