061: Catholic Parenting During Times of Crisis and Uncertainty with Patrick Sullivan

The state of the world as it is today has been challenging on so many levels – particularly in the area of Catholic parenting. With the prospect of living a “normal” life appearing to be far off in the horizon, I ask Patrick pointed questions on how to better navigate parenting so that our family units stay intact. Of course, Patrick is generous in his practical and simple solutions, which make them easy to grasp and implement.  We also talked about his other specialty, Catholic evangelization, where Patrick gave us a sneak-peek into a ground-breaking book he has coming up soon. I’m so grateful for Patrick and the entire Evango team.

Patrick Sullivan is an author, speaker, educator, and founder of Evango, a Catholic media organization that inspires the baptized to go out into the world and evangelize. Patrick holds degrees in Literature, Education, and has a Masters of Divinity. He has authored multiple books, including the very popular title, Dare to Be an Evangelist, and his newest, War Against the Woman: The Mary Thread in Sacred Scripture. Patrick travels internationally, speaking at Catholic events, parenting conferences, and leads parish renewal missions. He has spoken at events hosted by Serviam Ministries, Campaign Life Coalition, and at the New Evangelization Summit. He has also appeared on numerous media platforms, including EWTN, Shalom World Tv, and Salt + Light Television. Patrick is the proud husband to Kyla, and a father of nine.

Patrick, his family, and the Evango team serve as missionaries for Christ and evangelists to all with whom they come in contact.  In this episode, Patrick shares his story and some of the many hardships from his childhood.  As a teenager, God presented to him a fundamental question that ultimately changed his life.  This was the spring board to a life in service to God, family, and humanity.  Patrick generously answers questions like “how does one become an efficacious evangelist,” “how is it possible to make Catholic parenting easier,” and “what does it mean to have a family culture.”  

How to reach Patrick: 

Contact: media@evango.net

Website: https://evango.net/

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“Me & My House” Catholic Parenting Program https://evango.net/house/

Dare to be an Evangelist Book  https://evango.net/dare-to-be-an-evangelist/

War Against the Woman: The Mary Thread in Sacred Scripture https://www.evango.net/product-war-against-the-woman

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