016: How to be a Pro-Life Champion & Support the “Shout My Story” Movement with Cynthia Morales

Download this episode Cynthia Morales, M.Div. Served as Development Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator for Pro-Life Champions and the 40 film from 2012-2019. Recently she assumed the position of Executive Director. She is also the creator of the Shout My Story campaign. Cindy brings a wealth of knowledge to Pro-Life Champions. She became active in the […]

015: Open Letter to the Catholic Working Mama

Download this episode Here’s a short open letter I wrote to the Catholic Working Mama.  Just a little encouragement for the rough days and to let you know you are loved.  Hey Working Mama! It’s me Alex, your sister-in-Christ. I know your feet are hurting, your back is aching and you’re beyond sleepy, but listen […]

014: A Story of God’s Mercy and Miraculous Redemption with Stephanie Brofford

Download this episode Stephanie Brofford, born and raised near Columbus, Ohio, moved to Albuquerque, Mexico in 2003. She has two beautiful children, ages 16 and 6. She has been passionately involved in the pro-life movement since 2016, serving as a sidewalk advocate outside of the local abortion clinics throughout Albuquerque, also facilitating and linking post-abortive […]

013: 25 Ways to Become a Saint by Tan Books

Download this episode In this episode, I pick the top 3 practices I want to adopt into my daily spiritual practices from a book Tan Books is circulating on social media called “25 Ways to Become a Saint.” It’s a compilation from a spiritual classic “The School of Jesus Crucified” by Fr. Ignatius of the […]

010: What Jesus Calls Us To In The Face of Illness

Download this episode During times of illness, we may fail to see the purpose for this type of suffering.  Falling into despair, we may believe we’re being punished or think that God has abandoned us.  However, God is fully present and illness is part of His plan for our salvation and the salvation of humanity […]